About Counselling

Counselling relies on an authentic and confidential relationship between client and therapist, where you can bring your difficulties, sorrows, anxieties, frustrations, family history and biography, aspirations and wishes - and experience a non-judgemental and empathic space to reflect on what you are going through.


You might be seeking counselling because you are suffering from depression or anxiety, or you’re feeling stuck and frustrated. Or perhaps you have experienced a painful life event, such as the breakup of a relationship or loss of a job.

It can be very confusing and frightening to go through these crises, making us aware of our vulnerabilities and often leaving us feeling lonely in our plight.

These crucial periods are where change is inevitable; by considering counselling, you may start developing awareness and the process of healing, allowing yourself the possibility of something new to emerge.

I believe each of us holds our innate wisdom within... Yet, we sometimes need someone else, provided by the therapeutic relationship - to compassionately help us see things more clearly; to deeply listen to us and sometimes challenge us; help us develop trust in our own intuition, intelligence, feelings and choices - leading to more acceptance of ourselves while facing life more maturely and realistically.

As a counsellor I do not offer quick fixes or cures - it's a space where you can safely explore who you are and get to know your deeper self, finding perspective and ways to cope, while making choices based on your needs, life circumstances and what is meaningful to you.

If you haven’t experienced counselling before...

The key is to feel comfortable with the therapist you choose. All research into the effectiveness of therapy points towards the strength of the relationship between the client and therapist, regardless of the therapist's approach. Try to meet with a few therapists before you commit yourself, trusting your intuition in making that final decision.

“It is in the nature of things to be drawn to the very experiences that will spoil our innocence, transform our lives, and give us necessary complexity and depth.”

~ Thomas Moore ~