Counselling in Dalston, East London

My name is Hagar and I am a qualified Psychosynthesis counsellor, working with individuals from all walks of life. I work from therapy space located in Dalston, Hackney.

I provide a safe counselling environment where you can share what you’re going through, begin to understand and find ways to cope with your life difficulties, explore your deeper self and invite more self-compassion, acceptance and kindness into your life.

The awareness that you develop can help you understand yourself better, allowing you to make more conscious choices. This in turn can lead to discovering your potential, where your true power lies, and what is your emerging purpose and meaning.


~ I work with the following issues ~

The Self
Anxiety, stress, panic attacks, depression, low energy, lack of motivation, overwhelming feelings, low self-esteem and confidence, obsessive behaviours and thoughts, self-harm, suicidal thoughts

Body & Health
Body image, eating disorders, disabilities, impact of physical health conditions or illnesses

Alcohol, drugs, internet, shopping

Relationship issues, sex and intimacy, separation and divorce, difficulties relating to others, creating boundaries, loneliness

Workplace issues, burnout, bullying, redundancy, career change

Exploring facets of identity and belonging, cultural pressures, global movement and immigration

Spirituality & Purpose
Feeling lost, spiritual crisis, lack of meaning, purpose and creativity, disconnect from potential, desire for a balanced life